Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tweet Me

The point of Tweet Me is to help author's stories get known by EVERYONE chipping in. We know there are some great stories out there, just nobody knows about them. So we're here to help.

How is it done?
1. Your story updates will be tweeted on our Twitter account.

2. When we receive a story update from you, we will email you three premade tweets about other Twi stories (from people who have also signed up for Tweet Me).

3. You must then tweet those stories on your personal Twitter account.

* This means that your story will be tweeted several times from Tweet Me participants.
1. We only accept WIPs. With the way we run our system, already completed stories do not work with it.

2. You must tweet your three pre-made tweets within 5 days. If you do not, you will be sent a Warning Email. From there you have 2 days to tweet. If you still do not, we will remove your story(s) from our program.

3. Underage authors (17 years or below) will only be sent stories rated between G-PG13. In return, Underage authors may only submit stories between the rating G-PG13.

4. You may submit multiple stories into Tweet Me as long as they are WIPs.

5. Authors may give their preferences on what kind of stories the do NOT want to tweet about it. Please be very specific when filling out the form. If at anytime you receive a story you do not want to tweet, you may exchange it for another one.
1. You must have an active Twitter account.

2. You must be following our Twitter account @Twi_Network.

3. Your story must be of good quality, meaning a thorough edit has been done. Project Team Beta offers beta services for multi-chaptered fics. Emergency Beta Services provides quick beta help with grammar, summaries, and/or insignificant plot points.

4. Your story must be located on either Fanfiction.net or Twilighted.
Completed or on Hiatus Stories
1. Once a story is completed it will no longer be tweeted out, since the author will no longer be updating and won't be tweeting about other stories. However, completed stories will be added to a special page and that page will be tweeted about every day.

2. Authors that have not updated after a month will receive an automatic email of pre-made tweets to tweet out on their account.

It may take a few days before you receive the Welcome Letter and are added to the Network Page.

We reserve the right to reject stories for whatever reason. We want to maintain a positive and fun atmosphere here at TwiNet, and if we feel that your story or yourself could compromise this in anyway, we will not accept your story into Tweet Me.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email twi.network1@gmail.com.

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